A High View of God

I love used books. That’s because they are cheap; and often found without a single marking in them. I’m amazed at how many good books have been left untouched. It seems like people are reading less and less today, and skimming more and more.

One such book is Dr. Steven J. Lawson’s Heaven Help Us! Originally published in 1995 by NavPress, I found the gem for just under four bucks. Lawson is one of my favorites, and so I was thrilled to discover that he had written a book based on various passages in Revelation.

Here’s an excellent excerpt,1 as he reflects on the Apostle John’s vision of God in Heaven from Revelation 4:

This vision must great impact our lives today. We must be gripped with this high view of God. We must elevate our thoughts of Him. Being heavenly minded means that our lives are dominated and driven by such a vision of God.

When we see God upon His throne, we can only conclude that no sacrifice is too great to offer Him. No pursuit is too small to be conducted independently of Him. No decision is to be made without Him.

An American pastor traveled to the Far East and, when there, took a guided tour of a large Buddhist temple. As he walked through the religious shrine, he noticed the luxurious furnishings, the lavish fixtures, and the costly materials that had all gone into making this ornate temple. It was more plush than any house of worship he had ever seen before. He was, well, overwhelmed!

20160630_172332Turning to the tour guide, the pastor asked, “Do you mind if I ask you a question? How much did it cost to build this temple?” As if insulted, the Buddhist tour guide stopped in his tracks and replied, “Cost? What cost? We don’t think of cost when it comes to Buddha.” Then, leaning closer to the pastor, the tour guide said, “Sir, you must understand. There is nothing too good for Buddha.”

A high view of their god—a false god, at that—had driven them to make whatever sacrifice necessary to worship their lifeless idol. Because they perceived their deaf mute, inanimate god to be so great, there could be no cost cutting in worshiping him.

Shouldn’t the same be true with us—but on a much greater scale? We alone know and serve the one true God. Our God is the living God. He alone is enthroned in Heaven in glory and majesty. And there is nothing too good for our God.

What an indictment against our casual Christianity that wants to give God our leftovers, our second best, our hand-me-downs. Our God deserves the greatest sacrifice of our lives, because He is enthroned on high.

Like the old gospel song says, “It won’t be old Buddha who’s sitting on the throne. And it won’t be old Mohammed that’s calling us home. And it won’t be Hare Kristna who plays the trumpet tune, Cause we’re going to see the Son, not Reverend Moon.”

Only our God is the living God. He alone deserves our best. He alone deserves our all. Bottom line, nothing is too good for our God. No cost is too high to pay. No commitment is too deep to make. No sacrifice is too great to offer.

Give God your best. Whatever you are doing, wherever you are, whoever you are with—give God your best! Nothing is too great for our God—nothing!


 Lawson, Steven J. Heaven Help Us! Truths About Eternity That Will Help (Colorado Springs: NavPress, 1995). 44-45.