A Morning Dedication

Saturday mornings in my house are some of the quietest. It seems that everyone has the idea that they will sleep in, that is, everyone except for me. I’m hard-wired a bit differently. Call it a good thing, sometimes bad, or that I have issues—fact is: I looooove the mornings. And the earlier I rise, the better.

Here’s a beautiful prayer from The Valley of Vision called “Morning Dedication” for those who are “up and at ’em” with me:

Almighty God,
As I cross the threshold of this day
I commit myself, soul, body,
affairs, friends, to Thy care;
Watch over, keep, guide, direct, sanctify, bless me.
Incline my heart to Thy ways;
Mould me wholly into the image of Jesus,
as a potter forms clay;
May my lips be a well-tuned harp
to sound Thy praise;
Let those around see me living by Thy Spirit,
trampling the world underfoot,
unconformed to lying vanities,
transformed by a renewed mind,
clad in the entire armour of God,
shining as a never-dimmed light,
showing holiness in all my doings. (220)

Let’s use this precious gift of time to feed the flames of our affections for God. Shhhh… the sun has yet to rise; and all my girls are fast asleep!