Cowering in a Cave

Christian—if you are unfamiliar with the name Albert Mohler, you need to familiarize yourself with this man’s ministry. His daily podcast, blog posts and books are all worthy of your time and attention. Dr. Mohler is a bold and biblical voice in an amoral age.

Last week I finished reading his book The Disappearance of GodDangerous Beliefs in the New Spiritual Openness. Written in 2009, it is sadly predictive of the perverse path we are on today, just eight years later. In it he tells of the challenge the church now faces in this post-Christian age:1


Mohler_51WJSw0n-XL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Swirling worldviews and a reflexive relativism come together to form a mentality often closed to all substantial truth-claims. Gathering clouds of darkness and the eclipse of truth present the believing church with a great challenge—will we surrender in a spirit of cultural compliance?

We must recognize that the church has been compliant for far too long, and if we are effectively to challenge the prevailing worldview of postmodern culture, the church must become a post-compliant people. What will it take for Christians in this generation to be awakened out of complacency and compliance?

If we are compliant in this culture, if we are compliant in the face of its demands and expectations, then there will be no preaching of the gospel. There will be no authentic Christian witness. We will withdraw into our Christian cave, and we will cower there. We will not witness, we will not work—we will simply retreat…

We Christians are the world’s most eccentric people in a postmodern age. We are committed to a faith that is structured by a book that is two thousand years old. Beyond eccentric, we are increasingly seen as dangerous. A people who live by the light of an ancient book—and who dare to call it the very Word of God—will look exceedingly dangerous to the prevailing worldviews of this age…

We don’t get to choose our times. We don’t get to choose our challenges. We didn’t choose to live in a post-Christian age. We didn’t choose to confront the postmodern mind, but this is where we are, and it is time that we become a post-compliant church… Anything less is just another form of spiritual surrender,


 R. Albert Mohler, The Disappearance of God: Dangerous Beliefs in the New Spiritual Openness (Colorado Springs: Multnomah Books, 2009), 175-76, 179, 182.