Darwin’s Favored Races

The third of my 7 Books for the Summer of ’17 is now complete. One Race One Blood by Ken Ham and Charles Ware certainly lived up to its claim as “a biblical answer to racism.” The book’s title is tethered to Acts 17:26, which describes all human beings as being of “one blood” (KJV). By the way, nowhere in the Bible does it use the term “race” to refer to people.

From the Tower of Babel and the science of melanin, to false teaching and even the “hijacking of the civil rights bus” by the gay agenda—these men faithfully address the many facets of such a disturbing issue. Below is an enlightening excerpt that deals with the racist ramifications found in Darwin’s theory of evolution:1

Darwin_Origin bookIn the 1800s, before Darwinian evolution was popularized, most people used the word “races” to refer to such groups as the “English race,” “Irish race,” and so on. However, this all changed in 1859 when Charles Darwin published his book On the Origin of Species. Most people don’t know that the subtitle of that book is The Preservation of Favored Races and the Struggle for Life.

In Origin of Species, Darwin didn’t particularly address humans but theorized about animal evolution in general. At that stage in history, so many people believed the Bible that he probably thought it was radical enough to propose the idea of evolution in animals. So he let that sit for a few years and then he wrote The Descent of Man in 1871, in which he applied evolutionary philosophy to mankind. (Because of his bitterness toward God and renouncing his earlier faith, it’s likely that this is what he wanted to do all along anyway.)

In The Descent of Man, Darwin popularized the idea of different races of people—lower races, higher races, primitive races, advanced races, and so on. What did that do? As the late Steven J. Gould from Harvard University said, “Biological arguments for racism may have been common before 1859 but they increased by orders of magnitude following the acceptance of evolutionary theory.”

Now, don’t get the idea that evolution is the cause of racism. Sin is the cause of racism. But Darwinian evolution fueled a particular form of racism by giving individuals and the masses a scientific excuse to pursue this godless philosophy by using evolution as justification for discrimination, abuse, and even mass genocide.

Darwinian evolution was (and still is) inherently a racist philosophy. It teaches that different groups or “races” of people evolved at different times and rates. According to his theory, some groups are more like (and closer to) their ape-like ancestors than others.

Contrary to Darwin’s theory of evolution—there is only one race, Adam’s race. We need to move past the minor outward differences in our skin tones. We need to treat people as the Lord did, for we are all made in the image of God. The time is long overdue for us to recognize “race” as a terrible term, especially when speaking of different people groups. The authors explain:

Ham_One Race One Blood

Before Darwin, the term “race” was largely a political and geographical term. People that were closely related biologically (such as the English and Irish) were considered to be separate races.

Darwin’s theory has permeated the entire globe and the teaching of evolution has really redefined the term “race.” Now, when most people think of “race,” they’re thinking of lower races, higher races, black races, red races, etc. Even the best of us at times have struggled when we use that term. It just doesn’t mean what it used to mean.

Every human being in the world is classified as Homo sapiens. Scientists today agree that there is really only one biological race of humans. Geneticists have found that if we were to take any two people from anywhere in the world, the basic genetic differences between these two people would typically be around 0.2 percent, even if they came from the same people group. “Racial” characteristics account for only about 6 percent of this 0.2 percent variation. That means that the “racial” genetic variation between human beings of different “race” is a mere 0.012 percent.

Overall, there is far more variation within a people group than there is between one people group and another. Anyone who continues to make racist distinctions does so based only on superficial, outward appearances rather than on sound scientific fact and clear biblical reasoning.

Bottom-line: the term “race” is meaningless and should be discarded. I’m reminded of God’s words to the prophet Samuel, “For the LORD sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart” (1 Samuel 16:7, NASB).

You will want to add this eye-opening book to your future reading pile.

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 Ham, Ken and Ware, Charles. One Race One Blood: A Biblical Answer to Racism (Green Forest: Master Books, 2015). 90-91, 112-13.