God and Myself

Yesterday, at the end of my message (“A God-Awareness” on Psalm 139) I had closed with a Puritan prayer from The Valley of Vision entitled “God and Myself.”1 Its words are both powerful and poignant.

Often as we learn of God (theology is “the study of God”)—it is then that we begin to uncover the truth about ourselves. He is holy in all His ways and we are not. He is faithful in every way and we are not. He is gracious, merciful, and compassionate. And we are to be grateful, thankful, and loving.

Here is the text in its entirety:



VAL01BL_200x1000Thy understanding is unsearchable and infinite,
Thy arm cannot be stayed,
Thy agency extends through limitless space,
All works hang on Thy care,
With Thee time is a present now.

Holy is Thy wisdom, power, mercy, ways, works.
How can I stand before Thee with my numberless and aggravated offences?

I have often loved darkness,
observed lying vanities,
forsaken Thy given mercies,
trampled underfoot Thy beloved Son,
mocked Thy providences,
flattered Thee with my lips,
broken Thy covenant.
It is of Thy compassion that I am not consumed.

Lead me to repentance, and save me from despair;
Let me come to Thee renouncing, condemning, loathing myself,
but hoping in the grace that flows even to the chief of sinners.

At the cross may I contemplate the evil of sin, and abhor it,
look on Him whom I pierced, as one slain for me, and by me.

May I never despise his death by fearing its efficacy for my salvation.
And whatever cross I am required to bear,
let me see Him carrying a heavier.

Teach me in health to think of sickness,
in the brightest hours to be ready for darkness;
in life prepare me for death.

Thus may my soul rest in Thee, O immortal and transcendent One,
revealed as Thou art in the Person and work of Thy Son,
the Friend of sinners.

If you’re interested in learning more about The Valley of Vision, you will want to read this helpful article from Justin Taylor. My little book is rarely far from me and my Bible on Sunday mornings—as I will usually post an excerpt on social media after praying through a portion of it.

Consider purchasing a copy for yourself. You will benefit greatly from it!


 Bennett, Arthur. The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers & Devotions (Carlisle: Banner of Truth Trust, 1975/2002). 70-71.