Have You Not Read?

It’s a question that many of us hope to avoid. “Did you read your Bible?”

In part, because we know that it is to be the daily practice of the people of God. There seems to be a disconnect today. How is it that we can claim to be a Christian and still neglect His Word? We need it, and not just once-a-week on Sundays.

A number of years ago I was convicted of this very thing. But you’re a pastor?!?! Yes, but I’m a believer, first. And one who struggles with daily disciplines just like you. I remember how my commute time in Washington, DC had reached an unbearable threshold of two hours each way (it was like my life was passing before my steering wheel); and I knew that I should and could be much better at redeeming the time. For me, that change occurred in the car. I had decided to consume just about ever message available from John MacArthur’s Grace to You ministry.

The bottom-line for us is this: if we want to know God personally, we have got to read what He has said. Jesus asked those Jews who did not believe in Him the same provocative question, “Have you not read?” (Matt 12:3; 19:4); and He challenged those who believed in Him, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine” (John 8:31).

We are a privileged people who have the full canon of Scripture in our possession. Add to that, the technology that makes it even more accessible. When you read the Bible cover-to-cover it is like watching a movie in HD versus on your mobile phone or tablet. You will see the full picture, not just a scaled-down version of it. You will grow in your faith, instead of struggling to maintain one. “For they are not meaningless words to you, but they are your life,” (Deut 32:47).


Next question, “what is the best Bible plan to use?” Easy answer: the one you will do. Really. Just find one and stick with it. All that is left is for you to begin. It doesn’t have to be Christmas and an approaching new year. Besides, you may want a good head start!

It’s been said that recorded readings of the entire Bible are approximately seventy-one hours in length. That would mean a simple and regular commitment of 15-30 minutes reading each day will take you through the Bible in 10-12 months!9781433601125.front03

On January 2 of this year I had shared (Reading God’s Story) that I was going to begin my daily Bible reading with a chronological one arranged by George Guthrie, professor of Bible at Union University in Jackson, TN. I’m nearing the end of this journey and loving it.

You see, there are pages in my Bible that have always looked brand new. Yes, I’m talking about you 2 Kings, 2 Chronicles, Obadiah, Philemon, and 3 John. No coffee or tear stains, and likely no pen marks to be found. Truth be told: they would never had been read unless I forced myself to do so.

If you’re looking for some motivation to read your Bible—get in touch. If you know of someone who needs to be motivated to read their Bible daily—please share this with them.

“For wisdom will enter your heart and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul” (Prov 2:10).