More on Encouraging Words

In yesterday’s sermon on “The Heart of our Words,” I had shared these two quotes from Gordon Cheng’s warm-hearted and insightful book Encouragement: How Words Change Lives:

Our words express who we are. If our words are unreliable and devious, it is because we are unreliable and devious. If our words have power and integrity, that speaks volumes about our own integrity. (18)

What we now do and say as Christians will have eternal value. It makes every encouraging word we say both indispensable and irreplaceable. Once we start to see this [that “on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak,” (Matt 12:36)]—and if we understand the gospel, we already know it—nothing can ever be the same. Our values, our speaking, our whole way of looking at things that matter will be the complete opposite of what the world expects. (128-129)

encouragementThis is a challenge that we all need to hear (young, old, and in-between). It is something that every one of us struggles with. From words of criticism and judgment to self-serving exaggeration and thoughtless words, there is an endless catalog of the ways we use our tongue to curse man instead of bless our Lord and Father (Jas 3:9).

Again, I would highly recommend this book to the person who is concerned about the words that are proceeding out of their mouth (Matt 15:18; Luke 6:45); and how they impact those that God has placed in their life.

For more on how encouraging words can be indispensable to one another be sure to read last week’s post: Five Steps to Using Encouraging Words.