Personal Productivity

Often our Christian lives are funneled into the realm of secrecy where we desire to live productively (i.e., for the glory of God), but are guilt-ridden by our own slothfulness, and ashamed to ask for the necessary steps from another to climb out of it.

Recently, I’ve been sharing with the men in my life a gem from the Ask Pastor John podcast. It was originally posted on April 18 of this year and addresses the issue of using our time wisely as Christians.

The question posed to John Piper was this:

Screenshot_20160719-112724.pngPastor John, thank you for your Christ-centered precision and for the tremendous volume of your ministry output. I’m curious how you produce so much content. What time do you wake up, or find time to read and write, or eat your cereal? You mention your aversion to TV in Don’t Waste Your Life, but what advice do you have for the daily schedule making to make the most of life for Christ?

When you listen to his response (link is below), don’t miss what comes from his heart first. Piper astutely and humbly rephrases the question. He wants his listeners to move their focus from the man—John Piper, to the mission—exalting Christ:

First, beware of wanting to be like me. You don’t know the sins of my life. You don’t know how much I have neglected. You don’t know what the costs have been. The real question is how to be the fullest, most God-centered, Christ-exalting, Bible-saturated, loving, humble mission-advancing, justice-seeking, others-serving person you, you can be. Don’t measure yourself by others. Measure yourself by your potential in Christ. That is the first thing that I felt I had to say, because of the way the question seemed to be posed.

John Piper is transparent in this interview as he moves quickly through Ten Principles for Personal Productivity. Wisdom is the knowledge of God’s Word applied; and this is what we receive when pressing play.

The Christian life is an intentional one. Take 11 minutes, 17 seconds of your time today to listen to this episode (and read along with the transcript that is provided) here. You’ll be better for it.