Why I Can’t Wait

I am a thankful soul. For I have the privilege and pleasure once again of sitting under the teaching of some extremely gifted men. Tomorrow, I fly down with my family to Orlando in order to attend my first Ligonier’s 2016 National Conference.

Here are three men from the list of speakers (all solid guys!) whose ministries have had a direct impact on mine:

maxresdefaultDr. R.C. Sproul — His book The Holiness of God is on my top ten list. This classic work has been of tremendous help to me, as I continue to grown in my understanding of God’s holy character. “Christianity is not about involvement with religious experience as a tangent. It involves a meeting with a holy God, who forms the center, or core of human existence. The Christian faith is theocentric. God is not at the edge of Christians’ lives but at the very center. God defines our entire life and worldview” (255).

While I have never heard Dr. Sproul in person, you can’t say I haven’t tried. Over the past few years his health has sidelined him from a handful of conferences that I’ve attended including Shepherds in LA and T4G in Louisville. Let’s just say this one is on my bucket list!

maxresdefault (2)Dr. Steven J. Lawson — I have had the opportunity to sit under his preaching a number of times, and to connect with him over the past few years before and after conference sessions, off and online, and even in a hotel lobby. He’s accessible, exceptional, and resourceful.

From his many books and the bi-monthly Expositor Magazine to his preaching podcasts and everything else that flows from OnePassion Ministries, this man continues to have a profound effect on my personal ministry. Just last week I posted a three-part series on his book The Evangelistic Zeal of George Whitefield.

maxresdefault (4)Dr. Albert Mohler — Each and every time I have attended a session of Dr. Mohler’s, I find myself on the edge of the seat. He’s informed and biblical. It’s as if God has given him an extra chip for processing. Perhaps that is why I crave his podcast The Briefing each weekday morning. He’s training me to look at the headlines of the day through a Christian worldview.

All of his books are a “must read.” My favorite is The Conviction to Lead, 25 Principles for Leadership That Matters. “When a leader walks into the room, a passion for truth had better enter with him” (21). This book is one that demands to be taken off the shelf and read again and again and again.

I’d like to thank the leadership and congregation of GraceLife Church for making it possible every year since our inception for me to attend these conferences. Add to that dear relatives who have paid for my wife and family to join me on the trip, so that we might visit and vacation with them for a few days afterward.

This is why I can’t wait.

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